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A subtle girl in a loud world on a journey to discover who she really is. Her middle name is AMBITIOUS.


It’s better to be alone than in bad company

Image Courtesy Felix Rostig on Unsplash

Maybe I was naïve, I trusted them.
Maybe I was shameless, I didn’t care about anything.
Blindly swimming in the ocean, landed up at the wrong island.
I loved the island, cool breeze, young and bold vibes, I thought it was a good gang.

We became hipsters, youngsters, who didn’t care about the world,
We had fun like real friends, unimaginable.
Being with them day and night,
Sleeping’s futile, we’ll be dreaming at night.
We did everything we weren’t supposed to,
Young and Bold, it felt like it was our time.
It seemed like I was in a small planet,
Cause in the real loud world…


Just like writers need a mug of coffee, A Spotify playlist, and a bullet journal, they also need a list of useful websites that will help them to be a better writer.

Image CourtesyWulan Sari on Unsplash

Writing isn’t all easy — It has ebbs and flows. I am not J.K. Rowling, and my toolkit to write is more than just a pencil and a notepad.

We, fortunately, have the World-Wide-Web! The internet has websites for amateur writers like me, from sabotaging writer’s block to providing clarity in writing.

Just like writers have a mug of coffee, A Spotify playlist, and a bullet journal, they should also have a list of useful websites that will help them to be a better writer.

Here’s a list of handy tools writers should use to improve their craft. These tools…


Can we appreciate the hidden power of introverts for their great ideas and processing?

Photo by Ying Ge on Unsplash

The first ten years of my life was something that people call very introverted-type. I used to read many books and write a lot, spend time alone with myself, was usually quiet, be in the library at recess, and was only friendly to my family members and close friends.

“Why are you so shy, Anna? You lack confidence.”

I was constantly called out, in my school and outside, for being shy and unfriendly. I remember my teachers used to always tell my parents, that I lacked confidence during the parent-teacher meetings. …


There’s a difference between teaching as a job and teaching as a passion

Image CourtesyScience in HD on Unsplash

I’m a diligent student putting in constant effort to get good marks in my school in India. Our summer vacations are over, and the new academic session has started today. Due to the tremendously devastating second wave of COVID-19 in India (and the expectancy of the third wave), it is my second tough year of online lectures.

I met my new teachers, and many of them are fresh to the school. Since I was in kindergarten, I have constantly noticed most of my teachers being nervous, but their nervousness has reached its peak during the online classes.

On the internet…


I now know the truth.

Image CourtesyJeffery Erhunse on Unsplash

I joined the Global Club thirteen years ago,
but it feels like this has always been my home.
I wanted to learn, and
I wanted to have some fun,
but they wanted me to be a slave and work for them.
Epiphany I have had.

I thought we all were together, as a family,
but all they cared for was power and money.
It feels so broken,
I’m a shattered glass for ages.
It feels like a betrayal,
We have leaders who are traitors!
Epiphany I have had.

The world is no more holy,
It revolves around our vanity.
There are no…


We humans, the leaders of viciousness, are abusing and killing black cats because we consider them to be cruel. How Funny…And SHAMEFUL!

Image Courtesy — Thanks to Helena Lopez on Unsplash

We all know about the shocking violence inflicted on cats by vicious humans all around. But just like we discriminate against humans for their skin color, we also discriminate against cats for their fur color.

Black Cats, in Europe and many other parts of the world, are seen as ugly pets of the witches from a medieval belief. They’re discriminated against and abused because they are considered unlucky, evil, wicked, and the pets of the witches. Although few parts of the world (such as Japan) recognize Black cats to be prosperous, most of them face hostility and prejudice. …


Growth for the sake of growth, is the ideology of the cancer cell.

Image Courtesy — Thanks to Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash

Standing in my balcony drinking a cup of tea,

The pollution with summer air is overwhelming.

I see a blurry vision of the famous metropolis,

Evening grey sky, a mist of misery, lots of loud music.

Above lie the spoiled brats bragging about money,

and below lie the poor kids, rotting and hungry,

In the middle lies me, seeing all the sufferings.

It’s such an unhappy time, so much agony,

I wish I can make this place a little bit happy.

The dazzling urban lights make the night darker,

I wanna leave this place; I wanna go to my fairyland.


Use inspiration as a fuel to drive you to succeed

Image created by the author from Canva

I recently read Jessica Lynn’s story — The Best Quotes from 43 of My Favorite Authors. It included some of her favorite authors and their most memorable quotes with a lovely picture of the author (in alphabetical order).

It was very inspiring and helped me to write a ten-minute *almost perfect* article. Thank you, Jessica. And I decided to do the same and share it with my audience so it might help me to write another *almost perfect* story (and maybe my audience writers as well).

Inspiration is like fuel to drive me to succeed. I would recommend all aspiring…


A response to the monthly prompt on The Pink by Ritika Sharma

Image Courtesy — Thanks to Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Love, Anna

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